Tips To Improve Your Next Email Campaign

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Email marketing is a simple, quick and effective way of increasing sales and word of mouth for your business. 

While some may think email marketing is outdated, it still remains as one of the best Internet marketing options available. However, email marketing can be made much more effective when the marketers know how to properly utilize it. There are many factors to consider, but here are five main topics that every email marketer should know about to improve their marketing skills.


It honestly doesn’t seem like an important part of email marketing. However, learning about how email gets delivered, SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, mail servers and more can be vital to your marketing strategy. For example, learning about these various aspects of email can help you avoid spam filters.

Spam filters are a severe blow to any email marketing plan. Hardly anyone reads an email that is sent to their spam folder unless they know for a fact that the email is trusted and has content that they want to read. Learning how to avoid the spam filter can keep your email marketing strategy from complete failure.

One crucial aspect of nearly every marketing campaign is being visually appealing. This doesn’t mean that there needs to be incredibly fancy graphics or bright colors everywhere, but it needs to be organized in such a way that it is appealing to the eye. While this can be fairly easy to achieve in a word processor, email makes the process slightly more technical.

Email works on HTML or HyperText Markup Language to organize and display content. However, HTML in emails is not exactly the same as using HTML for websites. With the growing use of mobile devices and other methods of reading email, there are even more levels of formatting involved now that need to be explored. Even if you’re somewhat knowledgeable with HTML, you may still need to further your education on the subject when it comes to utilizing it for email marketing.

One of the great benefits of using email marketing is the fact that you can quickly and easily gain various forms of data and statistics on how effective your email marketing campaign is. Open, click and successful delivery rates are all extremely useful in planning a good email marketing plan. Many marketers already use those statistics, but few explore why some email marketing campaigns work and why others don’t. The data can easily be collected, explored and used in marketing research, but it’s a common oversight. Email marketing campaigns are driven by proper utilization of data and statistics. If you can learn more about your own marketing campaigns and what can improve it through collectible data, it’s better to not only collect the data but to also research how to properly use the data that you collect to help improve your marketing strategy.

Email campaigns involve a lot of collecting and protecting valuable data from customers, people on mailing lists and even your own employees. It is the company’s duty to ensure that this data and the privacy of everyone involved in the email marketing campaign is properly protected. This involves learning about various privacy and security techniques involved in email marketing, and it’s just as vital to ensuring that you stay updated on changes in security both within the company and in the world of technology as a whole to keep everyone safe.

While email marketing does involve specialized techniques, practices, and knowledge, it also works with the same basics of marketing. Never forget to always utilize the four Ps of marketing, which is product, promotion, place, and price. These fundamentals go alongside the three Ms of marketing, which are a market, medium, and message.

These are tried and true fundamentals of marketing that have been successful for many years, and their place in email marketing cannot be overlooked. While it is always great to try new things, the basics will always keep your marketing campaign focused and effective.