Getting Quality Website Traffic

Getting Quality Website Traffic

It Takes Work Getting Quality Website Traffic. 

It may sound strange but, you don’t want website traffic you want Quality Website Traffic! Did you know that the average consumer spends 22 minutes a day using a search engine. They are searching for goods and services they need and want. But let me ask you when your potential customer searches online will they find your business or your competitors?


There are over 10 billion Google searches each month. But the question that you must ask is, is your website positioned for success? Google can return hundreds of millions of search results in half a second, when you start to see that number in terms of data searched and found you begin to see how competitive the search engine is, you see if your website is to be found in organic search you must be intentional to be successful.

Now consider this, 75% of web users never scroll past the first page of search results. That’s 22 minutes a day of just Google, Yahoo and Bing page one. Not page two or three. Now a bit of warning. You know those firms, that call you or email you everyday promising page one on google. A reputable firm will never promise that. A google ad is not SEO and it is not organic traffic. However, if you’re not trying to be on page one in search results you’re already so far out of the game it might as well be over.

A quality digital agency can help you zero in on the keywords your customers are searching for. Secondly, they will optimize your content for those keywords, monitor and track your results, and regularly and systematically make adjustments to your strategy. Effective and ethical Search Engine Optimization or SEO boils down to a few simple best practices — writing about what your customers truly care about, using keywords smartly, and leveraging some on-page HTML techniques to help you get the most out of each and every page on your website. Used in concert, and consistently, they can deliver real, measurable improvements to your search engine rankings.

In some corners of the internet, spammers and scammers have given SEO a bad reputation. Like the ROBO callers promising page one on Google. These are the types of companies Google is currently suing. Just like there is both good and bad in your industry there are in the SEO industry. However, If you’d like to explore what legitimate, above-board, ethical search engine optimization can do for your online presence.


There are more companies than you can count engaging in unethical SEO practices. These firms can actually lead you to a penalized website. In our agency, we use only time-tested, ethical, or “White Hat” SEO or search engine optimization techniques that will help your website gain awareness, ranking, and authority over time. We keep our client’s websites current with search engine algorithms changes to insure your website remains in concert with the algorithms.

An SEO firm will measure and work to improve your website ranking. However, we recognize that rankings are essentially moving targets, therefore we do place our emphasis on getting your website, quality and qualified visitors with optimized social media, along with quality content, leading citations and high-quality link building. The answer is not simply more website traffic. If you want results and sales, then the answer is qualified, quality website traffic. Once the right prospect is on your website, we can tweak your website to encourage these prospects to submit their information so your sales team can follow up. Or maybe you even stay in front of them by creating retargeting ads.


When you retain an agency for SEO services or website re-design, you expect results. At our firm, we approach every client individually. No matter the size of your business. We take the time to understand your objectives, goals, and benchmarks vital for the success of your company. No cookie-cutter plans each and every client deserves and receives professional, high-level attention. While key performance metrics may vary based on your local business goals, we focus on showing you the metrics and data relevant to your objectives and goals.