Let me share with you a financial Wealth Builder strategy that has been used for over 170 years it’s even been called the unfair advantage of the wealthy that is currently being rediscovered. What you must know from the start is the fact that this strategy is unliked by Wall-Street and most Financials Advisors because it does not put the high fees into their pockets and all the risk on you.

Success Talk:

Walt Disney and J.C. Penney used this strategy to expand their business or save it during a crisis and you can too. Privatized Banking serves as a war chest that can be used to advance and protect you in any economy.

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Banks to bolster their Tier 1 Capital Reserves use this strategy to protect and grow it’s highest quality capital. This is the capital which is used to measure the bank’s financial strength.

Put Wealth Builder To Work

Why would you want to put Wealth Builder to work for you? Firstly, there is the triple tax advantage that gives your cash reserves an ultimate edge, putting all of your money to work and turning your cash reserves into a warehouse of wealth. In fact, this strategy works so well that the government wanted to put a stop to the tax loophole so in 1988 they changed the law and stopped the very wealthy from placing too much money in this strategy. That’s right they capped it but didn’t stop it.

The Wealth Builder strategy is simple, safe, sound even guaranteed. It’s not some get rich quick scheme but a fully guaranteed financial strategy that many are putting to work and you can too. The team at Bender Advisors is here to help you put this strategy to work for you, your family even your business. You might say why don’t I know about this? Because the investment industry spends billions in advertising dollars to convince you to place your money in their hands. Financial services outrank personal care products, restaurants, and even pharmaceuticals in advertising campaigns to convince you to put your hard earned money in their hands so they can collect your fees.