What is social amplification?

Firstly let us briefly discuss the difference between social distribution and social amplification, because there is a significant difference. Amplifying your message through social implies more than just your brand promoting it through your own channels. A message is not truly amplified until it has been picked up and carried within others persons or organizations social media channels.

How does social amplification work?

Social distribution is your brand sharing your digital content on your channels. Amplification happens when your content is shared, either through organic or paid engagement, within social marketing channels thereby increasing your word-of-mouth exposure.

Social Media Amplified” is a firm that provides amplification of your social media by getting your message promoted (amplified) through industry partners and influencers. The power of this technique is each individual sharer extends your messaging to their personal network, who can then promote it to their network and so on. Depending on the amplifier or influencer who has shared your message, their reach could be a game-changer for the exposure of your content. On top of this Social Media Amplified applies a strategic hashtag strategy providing even greater amplification.

Social amplification is a game-changer

When applied consistently, and correctly, social amplification can build your brand’s authority in your industry. It also increases social signals and improves search engine optimization and of course, overall brand awareness.