Jeunesse Global has grown rapidly to become one of the fastest growing billion dollar companies in the anti-aging industry.

Founded by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis in Florida, the USA on 9 Sept 2009, Jeunesse has achieved U.S. $1 billion in sales in just 6 short years by 2015 with a global presence in 121 countries at that time.

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Today, Jeunesse has increased its presence in 141 countries, is scheduled to launch in India really soon, and has also just celebrated its 8th year anniversary:

This 8-year-young network marketing company also has the achievement of entering the Inc 500 and being the youngest ever billion dollar company to do so.

Jeunesse has now hit #14 on the DSN Global 100 list, so this means that Jeunesse is now ranked #14 among the top MLM companies of all time:

Why Join Jeunesse?

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Jeunesse Breakthrough Products

Y.E.S. Products – Cutting-edge products based on the Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.) technology pioneered by a team of Nobel Prize Nominee doctors.

Jeunesse Lucrative Passive Income

6 Income Streams – How you can build a long-term passive income

Seamless Global E-Commerce Platform

With the full power of today’s technology, you can promote the Jeunesse business through various methods and platforms, whether it’s the traditional offline in person, or online from your PC, laptop, tablet, mobile app and smartphone without any inventory, warehousing, or even dropshipping required. All products ordered online are delivered to your customers automatically and locally from the closest Jeunesse branch.

You will be provided with your very own e-commerce website that is created instantly upon signup:

Expert Business Building Training

Our team provides specific training and tools to help you succeed. Join us and become part of our team when you join Jeunesse global. Our training will supplement the excellent and existing resources already provided by corporate Jeunesse.

You will gain access to our online training portal where we provide comprehensive resources and materials to fast-track your growth and success.

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