Using online and mobile search tools with your agent.

Finding a home has changed again. With the introduction of the internet in the 90’s we were given the MLS or Multiple Listing Service bringing Real Estate agents, home buyers and home sellers together in a manner never before imagined. Up to that point if you wanted to buy a home that was for sale you had to get lucky and drive by it and see a sign or find a Real Estate agent and let them know what you were looking for. Agents found out about new listings by fax and/or a book like a phone book that would come out once a week with all listings in your area. Today however finding a home is as easy as opening an app on your smart phone and punching a few keys.

Today you can open up any number of available apps designed to search homes that are currently on the market and see all the details you need to decide if it is worth looking at in person. There is an app called Mobility RE which many agents are using which will tell a potential buyer what houses are available in the area they are currently in. “Near me” will show you a map with home prices with any house currently listed on the MLS. Click on the price and you will be given a brief description of the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and address (typically the most important items a buyer are concerned about). Like what you see, then just tap the screen and you are brought to a screen full of information on the property directly from the MLS.

Imagine that, in less than a minute you can find a home and everything you want to know about it. The MLS information available includes pictures, square footage, year built and much more to help you determine if this might be the right home for you. The page provides a mortgage calculator as well as direct access to a lender and a realtor. This is just one such app and there are many more available. Don’t have a smart phone or prefer your home (or work) computer then just hop online to one of the most popular home search sites available.

Zillow has taken center stage as the go-to place for potential homebuyers to find their home. The founders of Zillow have put a ton of time, money, and effort into extracting statistics and providing users with as much information as possible while they search for the right home. Other sites include, Trulia, Redfin, and many more all providing instant access to all the information that you can ask for.

So with all this information on homes do you still need to use a Real Estate agent to purchase or sell your home? Well yes and no. It can be done, as homeowner’s do not have to have a license to sell their own home and if you can find them (since they can’t list it on the MLS without a license) you could probably stumble your way through the transaction. The purchase contract for a home is typically 17 pages but can vary and consists of a menagerie of legal jargon that will put you to sleep faster than it takes to find a home online. This is where we recommend working with a professional. Agents know these contracts and work with them every day. Real Estate agents are the ones you want to partner with as they are the soldiers on the ground and have the best feel for the market. They can arguably save you much more money than they will cost you.

Written by:

David J Hosterman
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Jonathan A Edwards
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