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Training for a half-marathon? Cycling that extra 10 miles? Or maybe hiking a really vertical trail? Whatever your workout of choice, you can avoid hitting that low-sugar low-energy wall by fueling before, during, and/or after your activity. When I was a swimmer back in the day, we would power up with Jell-O crystals on hot and intense race days. Glukos has given us an alternative to fructose- and sucrose-sweetened energy products with its line of glucose-fueled sports products. The brand, which started as a project of Nike’s, uses the type of sugar found in IV bags. Glucose is naturally occurring and provides instant energy because it starts absorbing right in your mouth, instead of waiting until it gets to the intestines to digest and enter the bloodstream like fructose and sucrose.

Robb Gear tested Glukos bars, gummies, and powder and determined these products really do deliver. Every item is built around five basic recovery ingredients: potassium (helps with muscle cramping, water retention, hydration), water, electrolytes, sodium, and glucose (helps produce energy). Our favorite items were the energy bars (we like the soft texture) and energy gummies (because gummies. They also aren’t too chewy, and they break down quickly but aren’t grainy). In our opinion, the best flavors were the chocolate protein bar, chocolate energy bar, and the apple cinnamon energy bar.

On taste, our tester says, “Sweetness was intense in all items, for sure. But the boost from the energy bars (which are meant to be taken either 20 minutes before or 20 minutes after a workout) was legit. I ate an energy bar after a big training run (between 8 and 10 miles) and was able to stay vertical for longer afterward, not needing to succumb to a nap until much later in the afternoon…I usually have to crash within an hour or two of finishing, regardless of what I consume.”

Robb Gear’s tester also likes that “the items are made with mostly natural ingredients, like coconut oil, carrot juice, and sea salt. There isn’t a lot of chemical filler. It seems like everything is pretty easy to digest and the energy each item provides is easier for your body to break down and access.”

Whether training for the big race or trying to get the most out of your regular workout, Glukos energy and protein products deliver energy and speed recovery without artificial sweeteners or even caffeine.


Stimulant-free fuel

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Products include:

Glukos Protein Bar (three flavors)

Glukos Protein Powder (two flavors)

Glukos Energy Gummies (three flavors)

Glukos Energy Gel (three flavors)

Glukos Energy Tablets (three flavors)

Glukos Energy Bar (four flavors)

Glukos Energy Powder (three flavors)

Sample packs of the various products are bundled together in different groupings