Are you still shy or even skeptical about marketing your business with social media? 

You may believe social media to be a waste of time when it comes to business marketing. However, the truth is, your company can experience fantastic marketing success with the right social media management campaigns. Notice the word management. It’s important for your social media to be successful it will take a plan, some creativity, time and work to implement for real results.

When it comes to applying social media to your business marketing, it’s really simple in theory:

The theory with social media is – It’s about reaching ideal customers for your business right where they are. In ways relevant to them. People do not like to be sold, but everyone likes to buy what they want. Social media allows you to develop a relationship and establish a trust and eventually a customer that loves your brand. When a social media management campaign is executed properly it entices your potential customer to have a conversation with your brand. Ultimately leading them to your website, store or restaurant.

Social Media That Works:

Some write off social media as kids’ stuff, but it’s not kid stuff at all. The number of Twitter users aged 55–64 is up 79% since 2012. Facebook has seen a similar 46% growth in users aged 45–54 with daily active users growing each day. Numbers on Google+ Local for the same demographic are up 56%. Not to mention the ever growing audience on Instagram, Pinterest. Along with the younger visitors using, Periscope, YouTube and Snapchat. Youtube numbers are not small by any means. YouTube reaches more adults aged 18–34 than any cable network, that’s impressive.

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And the big sites they keep growing, Facebook is an official monster of a site and LinkedIn, for example, sees 2 new members join every second. We are certain you agree now, social media marketing is not for kids, it’s for the professionals. Business owners and marketers wanting to increase market share and business revenues today must embrace the power of social media management.

Recent data shows that at least 4 in 10 companies have acquired a customer through Facebook and Twitter. The majority of our clients are experiencing great success and with the addition of custom Instagram and Pinterest campaigns some of our more image driven clients are seeing tremendous growth.