Get Going – Keep Going

Get Going - Keep Going

“Perhaps the two most powerful principles for success are first, get going and second, keep going.”

Get Going:

It’s a song lyric from the past “do you know where you going to?” It does seem like a question that we shouldn’t have to ask but, do you? Possibly life has thrown you a curve, or maybe you’re for various reasons giving some serious thought about your present and future. If one is going to succeed in life, it does seem very clear, we must know with clarity of vision and certainty of heart where we want to get to.

Get Going with Goals:

When it comes to goals and setting goals, I have nothing new to say. It’s been stated and repeated and preached, countless times. But it seems as though it is safe possibly even necessary to state it again.

Set Goals and Write Them Down.

Did you know that only 3% of adults have a written goals. Yet we’ve heard it time and time again. Write your Goals down. According to studies done at Yale and Harvard, people that write their goals down eventually earn ten times as much as people without goals.

Know where you want to be and get going in that direction. But first, you must know where it is you want to get.

Keep Going:

Now that you know your direction and have written your goals and have taken your first step. What now? Well that’s simple it’s your second step followed by your third step and so on.

Brian Tracy said in his book Bull’s-Eye “When you take the first step, you immediately get more ideas for additional actions that you can take to move ahead.” You know I have found this to be absolutely true. The first step is the hardest. You may fear failure, or the unknown or many other things. You may be telling yourself all the reasons why you can’t or shouldn’t but don’t listen to those voices. When you can see your dream and take action toward your dream a wonderful thing happens which is empowering, it may be scary. But  “Don’t fear BIG, fear mediocrity.” Fear the regret of not seeking to fulfill your dreams. And live out your passion. You see where you want to get. Get Going.

Get Going and Keep Going, Everyday:

Each and every day keep moving toward your goal. When you do something every day no matter how big or how small toward your goal you are moving one step closer to your goal. It’s that simple. When you get going and keep going, everyday there is only one thing that can be accomplished, your Goal.