Customer Online Reviews are more important than ever in today’s search engine marketing world. There is an ever increasing need for both business and consumer alike. In addition to this increasing need is the increasing emphasis about soliciting or acquiring online customer reviews for businesses both large and small.

However many business people are challenged to ask for reviews because they simply do not know how to ask for them, or as is the case for many, they are just afraid to ask and afraid of what their customers may write. However, let me state very clearly. Your risk is far greater by not seeking reviews than by seeking online reviews.

It’s been stated by one trusted firm that 72% of consumers will only consider a particular business or product after researching the reviews. Another recent report stated that 90% of consumers use reviews. Let me ask you this question. When was the last time you bought a product or selected a service firm, Doctor, Lawyer or even saw a movie without first seeking the reviews?


If you’re not getting reviews you are slowly being replaced by your competitors embracing and intentionally implementing online review strategies. To put it bluntly.. You’ll be out of business.

There are a variety of ways to solicit for online reviews. Some are better than others and some you want to stay away from.

Do: Add a link on your website asking for online reviews.
Say something like we love to hear from you about our services or products please leave us a review on our Google + page

Don’t: Incentivize people in anyway, don’t buy reviews.
You want real reviews from real customers stating their real experience

Don’t: Put a online review strategy off.
You can’t afford to ignore today’s consumer – They not only read reviews they are looking for current reviews. No reviews means you must be out of business.

Do: Respond to the reviews.
Engagement and conversation is good for both search engines and consumers alike. Using reviews sites and engaging with your customer is important to the sustainability of your business.

Don’t: Think some reviews on your website will suffice.
We are talking about online reviews within the major review sites, where people are. Sites such as Google, Facebook, Yelp, Zillow and so on. Consumers are skeptical when reviews only live on a website. They say to themselves, “of course your reviews and testimonials on your website will be great” after all you’re not going to be putting any thing negative there.

Do: Click here to get your easy business reviews tool and see how easy getting online reviews can be.