Let’s begin by saying I’m not out to impress you with complicated jargon or terms. After all I want you to understand SEO. The more you understand SEO the better. It’s that simple.


SEO is the science of presenting your website to the search engines in the best possible light. Search engines run your site through their algorithm and essentially give it a grade. Simply put, the higher the grade, the higher your website will rank. Your website ranking position is extremely important since consumers generally only look at the first page of results.

If your business isn’t showing up on page one, potential customers will not be calling you, but someone else.

Building your reputation in the search engine algorithm’s and improving your grade is what SEO professionals do.

In understanding SEO or it’s official phrase, Search Engine Optimization it simply refers to tailoring your website and listings online to maximize how high your business ranks in web searches. Search engines like Google and Bing don’t just pull random websites to compile their results. They actually use a sophisticated algorithm to rank these websites.


There are multiple components within your website that lead to your ranking. Every website has the behind the scenes things. The items that search engines see and use to locate your website. The fancy sounding things like alt tags, title tags, meta tags, H1, H2 and so on. There is the Trust flow, Backlinks and Domain Authority, sorry I promised I wouldn’t use the jargon. But in my defense, these items among many other important factors help to improve a website from non-optimized, non-performing in organic search to optimized.

The bottom line really comes down to this. If you wish your website to be found in the organic search based on the category of your business or keywords describing your business, then you need to both Understand SEO and more than likely consult with a trusted, recommended SEO expert.